When selecting finalToon in the Material/Map browser, 3ds Max shows an error message saying "specified resource name cannot be found in the image file". How can this be solved?

Mariam Kabesh
2013-05-03 19:01

This issue is caused by a missing license server or missing information for a license server.
Please create the following ini file inside of the finalToon plugin folder. finalToon is installed by default into the following folder (the folder name varies based on the max version used):
"\Users\Public\Documents\cebas\3dsmax9toX\finalToon R2.0\finalToon" 

The ini file must be called "ipclamp.ini" and it must be created or copied into the folder shown above. The content of the ini is:

Make sure the IP1 entry reflects the IP address or name of your license server. 
This will fix the above reported issue.

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