How many licenses do i need to network render with finalRender? I heard something about 10 CPUs are included? What does this mean?

Mariam Kabesh
2013-05-02 19:28

finalRender comes with a 10 CPU distirbuted network rendering license. There are 2 license models supported by finalRender:

1. Full frame network rendering through Back Burner
2. Single frame network rendering through Distributed Rendering (DR)

Case 1
finalRender supports unlimited full frame network rendering like 3ds max does. You may render a full frame on ans many machines you want (depending on the 3ds max installs). No additional licenses have to been  purchased to do network rendering with Back Burner,

Case 2
Distributed Network rendering done by finalRender is limited to 10 CPUs per full finalRender license. Additonal rendering only licenses per CPU are not offered yet. Each full license of finalRender can access up to 10 CPUs. Mixing full licenses on the same network to get 20 or more CPU's is not possible yet. If you are in need of additonal licenses please contact:

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