How do I install finalRender onto my system?

Mariam Kabesh
2013-05-02 20:53

All installations are now down through our cebas Product Manager tool. For more on the tool, please read the below sections:


What is cebas Product Manager

It is a broad instrument that will help customers manage their plug-ins in more than one way. Whether it’s a service pack update, a newly purchased product installation, an upgrade of a product version, a trial version installation or even license management – this monstrous vehicle is a major time saver that allows users to do it all efficiently and seamlessly.


How to Get cebas Product Manager

Current users can log into and obtain the Product Manager from their “View Product Registrations” account menu. Registered finalRender users will automatically see all available download options.
Customers not currently registered on or having problems downloading the cebas Product Manager, can use the contact menu located on the homepage to drop us a line and provide all relevant information including serial number(s)… we are always glad to be of service!

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