What are the basic steps to perform to get a DR up and running ASAP?

Mariam Kabesh
2013-05-02 23:12

Installing and configuring DR is as follows; 

  1.  Install MAX + fR on all slaves.
  2.  Ensure that the fr_stage1.ini file on all slaves is correct - this is the file DR uses NOT plugin.ini
  3.  Run fRServer on all the slaves - should show as an icon in the system tray, double click to get the window.
  4.  On Master workstation enter host names or IP addresses into the DR rollout.
  5.  Click start slaves and wait for them to start
  6.  Render

To resolve errors with slaves try the following; 

  1.  Start MAX normally on the slave, resolve any plugin errors.
  2.  Start the slave manually from the fRServer window - note and resolve any errors.
  3.  Try a Backburner render on the slaves - several users have reported that DR will work correctly once BB has been used once.
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