When using DR - One computer can access my computer to render as a slave, but mine won't connect to this computer. Why would that be, and how can I fix that?

Mariam Kabesh
2013-05-02 23:22

Distributed rendering needs a working network environment with proper setup and stable connections. Loose contacts or bad cabling is a big problem for DR rendering even when windows seems to work.

If one PC can DR render and the other one can't  several reasons may be possible:

  1. Make sure the fR-Server application is running on the slave
  2. Make sure that the frserver.ini file is properly configured
  3. Make sure that the start.max file is present and the path in the frserver.ini is correct
  4. Also check out the IP adress/name of the slave PC try either option
  5. Backburner must be run at least one time on all machines involved in a DR rendering.
  6. try to run the 3ds max DR sessio nlocally first (from within the fR-Server application) If this works fiine it is a TCP/IP access problem.
  7. Make sure the used Port number is free and not blcoked bei either PC
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