I have re-installed IP-CLAMP and it won't accept my orignal license file - I get error code 0: 'Existing license file is unusable on this computer'. Why?

Mariam Kabesh
2013-05-03 20:02

Error code 0 indicates that the MAC address of your network card has changed - which is normal if you have changed your network card. If you haven't changed any hardware then this is likely caused by an installation of a Network Bridge in Windows XP. This service will dynamically change the MAC address of your network card causing IP-CLAMP to fail - we strongly recommend that you do not use a Network Bridge on the IP-CLAMP machine.


If you have changed your network card or previously had a Network Bridge installed you will need to reapply for your authorisation file - please email your details, including product serial number, to register@cebas.com

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