Welcome to thinkingParticles 6.4™

thinkingParticles™ is one of cebas’ flagship plugins widely known for its fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and special effects simulations in the movie industry.

Countless blockbuster movies and projects have depended on thinkingParticles' limitless ability to portray advanced physics-based particle effects that are simply mind-blowing!

Now with the advent of Subscription Drop 4, fully procedural fluid dynamics goes into amazing Viscoelastic effects with soft body simulations.

This simply means greater artistic license to create and re-create countless combined simulations involving fluid dynamics, soft bodies and rigid bodies in multiple actions, down to a realistic particle level. Try our Subscription today. Trial versions available.

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The best of Technical Artists will know thinkingParticles !

Every time a paradigm challenge comes about to achieve a breakthrough in terms of special effects, the movie and artistic industries goes into a frenzy of seeking expensive, overpriced systems or buy expensive standalone software that may present integration issues down the road.

What thinkingParticles, Cebas Visual Technology developer team, offers you is a a fully integrated particle system: powerful, updateable, and most of all command operators and parameters that makes a difference to your VFX scene down to the 0.1 level in particle effects. More than a magician, thinkingParticles is true technical art at work.
cebas' goal has always been dedicated to providing designer artists and the industry of animation a holistic and all-inclusive plugin that is at once powerful, sophisticated, physically accurate and indispensable. This now has come to fruition with the unveiling of thinkingParticles 6.4!


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