• finalRender™ Creates believable, fast global illumination and offers stable output in ultra-complex scenes with thousands of animated objects.
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  • Bring Out the Magician!

    thinkingParticles 6 - Better in Every Way
    Creating a New Generation of Procedural F/X Tools for 3ds MaxHERE
  • Most advanced GPU renderer for 3ds Max.

    Features motion blur and accurate real-life camera effects: Shutterspeed, FStop and film sensitivity. Easy to learn; supports more than 1,300 ready to render Materials. Learn MORE
  • send in your creations to showcase on cebas (c.thokme@cebas.com)
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The advanced PSD file exporter for 3ds Max. An addictive time safer that covers all the bases: Render Elements, Mask Generation, HDR, V-Ray Support, Animation..

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