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The Add&Multiply Helper is a simple binary math operator used to help combine two piped in Scalar values.

Operator Inputs 

ON - (Bool) This input data stream determines whether the operator is considered 'on' or 'off.' You can connect other operators to this input channel such as a Bool Helper to activate/deactivate the whole operator.

Time - (Time) This input data stream is used to define the local time for the operator when the user wants to override the default system time.

ValueA - (Scalar) This input data stream reads in the first Scalar value you want to use for the math operation.

ValueB - (Scalar) This input data stream reads in the second Scalar value you want to use for the math operation.

Operator Outputs 

Value - (Scalar) This output data stream sends out the result of the selected math operation.

Rollout Menu 

A+B - Choose this option to add the two Scalar values together.

A-B - Choose this option to subtract the second Scalar value (ValueB) from the first Scalar value (ValueA).

A*B - Choose this option to multiply the two Scalar values together.

A/B - Choose this option to divide the first Scalar value (ValueA) by the second Scalar value (ValueB).

Per Second - allows the binary math process to accelerate over one second. For example, if the two Scalar values are 3 and 4 respectively, and they are multiplied (12), that value is reached after one second. Be aware that the timing of the second used is defined by the FPS setting in 3ds Max.

Num BValue - increase this value to add additional B ports, providing in greater flexibility in mathematical operations.

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