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This node iteratively adjusts the voxel values to properly respect the distance to the zero crossing line. Keep in mind Renormalize requires proper signed distance fields to create usable results. This operator should be used whenever a signed distance field is somehow modified by external means and has the potential to lose its integrity or show erratic values.

Operator Inputs

ON - determines whether the operator is considered 'on' or 'off'. You can connect other operators to this input channel such as a Bool Helper to activate/deactivate the whole operator.

Time -  defines the local time for the operator when the user wants to override the default system time.

All remaining input parameters are identical to the UI controls. For more information about the use of an individual parameter check out the descriptions below.

Operator Outputs  

DistanceField - outputs the volume Grid with the renormalized result. To actually set the modified values in the distance field, this output needs to be connected to a SetGridVDB node to write all values to the grid. After a SetGridVDB node has been connected to this output the original volume Grid will be overwritten with the filtered result.  

Rollout Menu

Iteration - sets the amount of iterations or passes a renormalization step should use to straighten out everything.

Spatial Scheme - sets the interpolation method for the space between voxels in the volume Grid. The options further down the list are more accurate but take more time. There is no general guide line of what to choose it depends on the field values and scale as well as on the type of distance field.

Temporal Scheme - getting from one voxel in space to another is not only defined by the gap (distance or space) in between. This parameter lets you choose how accurate the time sampling of the velocity field should happen. Same rule, here: the further down the list is more accurate but takes more time.

Trim - allows you to select from different trim options for voxels that fall outside the narrow band.

  • None - leaves out-of-band voxels intact.
  • Interior - sets out-of-band interior voxels to the background value.
  • Exterior - sets out-of-band exterior voxels to the background value.
  • All - sets all out-of-band voxels to the background value.

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