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cebas Visual Technology Inc.

The main focus of the company has always been offering optimized hard- & software solutions for graphics intensive applications. In the early days of computer technology, there was no way of getting the power to create 3D images on a standard PC. This is why cebas started out as a specialized company that offered UNIX and RISC processor workstations.

With the very first release of 3D Studio DOS R1 everything changed dramatically. Because of the increasing power of desktop PCs, Windows is the preferred development platform for cebas 3D plug-ins today. Several major 3D software packages are supported, and all cebas software is under constant development.




cebas Visual Technology Inc.

USA: +1 323-774-1799
Canada: +1 250-590-2913



You may contact us through the above email address or by filling in the form below. cebas is always interested in hearing from the community.


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