thinkingParticles 6.0 subscribers to get the first ‘Drops’ of new helpers and feature updates.

December 18, 2014 - cebas Visual Technology announced today that ‘Subscription Drop 1’ is available today for our thinkingParticles 6.0 3D artists and VFX users. With the introduction of Subscription Drop 1, users of thinkingParticles gain access to another set of powerful spline generation methods, high-performing volumeBreaker features with enhanced functionality into their MasterSystem.




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New features in Subscription Drop 1 will include:

Additional Helpers and enhanced selections.
A new category was added to the Helpers drop down menu/section, ‘Curve /Shape’ (see video above).


With this new Helper, artists gets full steering in defining a curve to control an output value. There are two methods to use this new Helper Node. It can either be used directly, by wiring it to other Nodes; or it can be configured in a 'Satellite' mode, whereby another Operator Node is ruled to select the Curve2D function from a list of available Curve2D helpers. An example of such a satellite Node in-operation would be the SplinePool operator. A Curve2D Helper Node can be used in SplinePool to control the thickness of the spline shape.

Curve2D** - this additional helper to Curve2D is used to access and duplicate (instance), the parameters of any Curve2D Helper in a DynamicSet. This additional helper Node works when an original Curve2D Helper Node is linked.



This new helper Node is used to define a curve to control an output value. It allows for detailed control of it's input and output range which are mapped to the curve.

Shape -This Helper Node allows you to query a Shape (spline) object. For any given length, for example, its 3D position on a spline, can be the queried output.

Shape** - additional to Shape, this helper Node is used to access and duplicate (instance) the parameters of any Shape Helper in a DynamicSet.



a brand new output, AgeRelative, has been added to this Node to enable the artists to control other nodes based on the particles' lifetime as it is, between birth (0) and death (1).

PPass - new output, AgeRelative, has been added to this Node to enable the artists to control other nodes based on the particles' lifetime as it is seen between birth
(0) and death (1).


Amazing intricacy that allows artist to convert defined Shapes-spline to a mesh. SplinePool also enables manipulation of the thickness of the spline mesh with the user-defined curves.

SplineData - this operator has been updated to allow detailed control for custom
shapes and the use of the thickness curve function

SplineKnot - Splines can now have their own specific UVW-coordinates. New Inputs
and outputs have been added to allow for better UVW control.


volumeBreak - a new functionality has been added to the volumeBreak Node to allow
for the creation of more realistic and natural looking fragmentation. A highly optimized area-aware displacement method has now been developed to allow detailed control of the effect.

cebas Visual Technology acknowledges the many helpful feedback and input from our users and new subscribers of thinkingParticles, and this has made the updates a useful and practical reality. In October this year, cebas Visual Technology had announced that it was switching thinkingParticles to a subscription-license model that is more affordable for long-term users of our VFX / 3D technology and more sustainable to cebas software development model. With subscription-license, users get included all ongoing update Drops and bug-fixers instantly, as and when they are ready, avoiding long waiting time.


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