thinkingParticles Drop 7 has arrived

~ Fully procedural Boolean operations with the possiblity to create watertight results

thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 7 from cebas Visual Technology Inc. on Vimeo.


New Power Features

Fluids and waves are the highlights of Drop 7: OpenVDBShape (multi-threaded), SurfaceForce, WaterLevel, ShapeCutter are Drop 7 latest additions, plus several powerful Geo and Fluid/RBD particle generators. Subscribers might want to get their hands on it as soon as possible. Use the Update on your cebas Product Manager and get Drop 7. 

Drop 7 also adds to the ALL PURPOSE FIELD (AP-Fields) from previous 6.6:  Input/Output allowing transmission of time-weight data that further enhances volumetric diffussion effects for various parameters in a simulation. Now you can define the strength of dissipation within a volume. And with the latest PSelCollect Operator, any amount of particles can now be collected into an accessible pool to be accessed later on, creating powerful dynamic setups even faster. 

To see all Drop 7 new features, refer  Remember to scroll to New Features.


6.7 surfaceForce

SurfaceForce Operator - create a force field to continuously displace particles

volume diffusion

Diffuse and spread color, heat or whatever value over volumes

6.7 real time sea level

Literally, adjust sea levels on your terrain in Real time


Fluids / RBD 

Fluid and rigid body interactions have been enhanced a lot in Drop 7. Rigid bodies now shows much better buoyancy and interaction with fluid simulations. Transfer of momentum between fluid particles and rigid bodies is resolved much faster and more accurate. Objects engulfed within a fluid will start to rise or sink depending on their specific physical properties.  


6.7 particle skinning

Particle skinning; particles 'attach' themselves to the nearest vertex and influence it.

6.7 boolean volume

ShapeCutter is now a true, procedural 3D boolean operator!
Sim automatically transform into 3D volume, before boolean operation is applied, and creates watertight results.



Drop 7 Workflow Enhancement 

Main workflow enhancement sees Force as a new Operator Category on the main menu; Unique Particle ID logic has been incorporated; and fluid specific data made transferable. 

6.7 enhanced fluidSolver

To see all seven Drop 7 Workflow and Operator Enhancements refer to


6.7 stableSPHSolver


Bug Fixes

The following have been dealt with: 

  • PLight - a bug sometimes resulting in random light intensities when network rendering is now fixed.
  • ObjToParticle helper node - ID output.
  • PositionBorn the rate value can now be animated.
  • Both Cache file formats issue when using a start offset value has been isolated and fixed.
  • APFInputFrom and APFOutputTo data channels debugged and fixed.
  • StdForces max space warps now updates in realtime.