thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 10 EDU Version

Upgraded in Value - finalRender Free fully supports EDU Version

Cebas Visual Technology Inc. is pleased to announce its release of thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 10 EDU. As a world's first, cebas introduces its very own DirectVolumeRendering SDK for thinkingParticles. This freely available SDK enables any 3rd party render developer to offer the same frictionless Volume and Particle Point rendering functionality, as it is offered by finalRender.

Educational versions of thinkingParticles are for non commercial use, only. 

finalRender is the first dedicated VFX rendering solution to empower its users to take full advantage of NanoVDB GPU and CPU rendering in 3ds Max. To allow access to the full benefits of this new technology, we are pleased to announce that we are enabling finalRender FREE for use with the thinkingParticles EDU Version.

OpenVDB Disney Cloud

thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 10 brings to you many bug fixes, workflow enhancements and new features, features like OpenVDB PointDataGrids. These highly efficient point grids enable thinkingParticles, for the first time, to use GPU and CPU accelerated hardware rendering based on NanoVDB to render a nearly unlimited amount of points. This new GPU and CPU based point rendering mode is so efficient, it allows to render hundreds of millions of points, all with proper shadow casting and illumination.

Find below a list of prominent new features in Drop 10.

DirectVolumeRendering SDK

thinkingParticles is the first product to overcome one of 3ds Max' biggest shortcomings: rendering volumetric effects. Subscription Drop 10 offers its own, highly optimized, DirectVolumeRendering SDK (DVR SDK). This SDK allows any 3rd party renderer to hook right into thinkingParticles' advanced visual effects pipeline and directly render its output. While this specific feature is aimed at rendering software developers, and not necessarily meant for artists, in the long run it can benefit the whole 3ds Max ecosystem and visual effects world. The first rendering product to use this SDK is finalRender and it will help to unleash the full potential of OpenVDB Visual effects in 3ds Max.

OpenVDB 7.2

This release of thinkingParticles offers the latest edition of OpenVDB and brings more speed and many more bug fixes.

OpenVDB Node

This node has been enhanced and changed in functionality; this is to support the new continuous volumetric workflow in thinkingParticles and 3ds Max. The addition of a new PointDataGrid type and an option to add the fRVolumeVDB material, enables a fully transparent and continuous volume data workflow within thinkingParticles.

OpenVDB Voxel Boundary

Standard FlowBoundary offers now a more robust collision boundary type: Voxel. This offers a more robust and stable solution for fast flowing fluid simulations or when fluid is within a moving container.

Smoke Solver

Smoke solver has seen a big overhaul and has been rewritten from the ground up. It now creates fume and dust whirls in a much more predictable and stable manner. Smoke solver shows dramatic changes in simulation behavior so it is expected to break older scenes without re-adjustments to the original settings.


This new Node is an enhanced version of its original UBoolean Node and allows to virtually combine and operate between nearly all OpenVDB grid types in existence.

LoadVDB / OpenVDB Import

Both Nodes offer now a Re-sample Voxel functionality when loading OpenVDB grids. Additionally, Sequence Mode offers 2 new options; Loop and Ping-Pong.

Flow SPH VE 6.10

This release of thinkingParticles brings to you yet another evolution of our SPH Flow Solver, now at release 6.10. This new solver enhances on the quality of the surface and fluid particle positioning. It offers a much smoother surface and better spatial placement of particles within the flow simulation. You can expect to see a better volume conservation and splashier fluids!

OpenVDB Viewport Speedup

3ds Max viewport voxel display has been sped up by massive amounts when ShowVDB is used to display voxel data of massive data sets. VDB data set animations,  translations or rotations, are now magnitudes faster than in previous versions of thinkingParticles.


This announcement does not represent a list of all new features available in thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 10. An extensive list of new features can be found on our website under: and in the What's New section of the online manual.

The best thing to do is download the thinkingParticles unlimited free trial or email for an educational license.

thinkingParticles 6.10 officially supports 3ds Max 2021, 2020, 2019