Full 3ds Max 2022 support added to psd-manager 5

psd manager 5    

psd-manager 5.0.3

The advanced PSD file exporter for 3ds Max. Designed to save you time!
Supports 3ds Max 2016 - 2022.

New Features & Changes:

  • 3ds Max 2022 support
  • VRayLightMix can now be saved as a layer group for light mixing with all VRayLightSelect channels included
  • VRayBackToBeauty can now be saved as a layer group with all render channels needed to rebuild the image
  • V-Ray 5 color corrections can be saved again as an adjustment layer (needs V-Ray 5.1)
  • V-Ray color corrections are now applied instead of adding an adjustment layer (by default)
  • Improved algorithm that associates V-Ray render channels and render elements
  • Added After Effects Data rollout (called Scene Data Output in psd-manager 4)
  • Render Cut-out mode now uses V-Ray effectsResult instead of RGB channel as color source (if available)
  • Updates to the documentation (e.g. Installation & Licensing section)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Batch Render Tool not saving PSD files when using Corona
  • Render progress display did not show extra layers being saved
  • Matte creation mode "Layers (Luminance Matte)" saves complete black layers
  • Camera always positioned at origin when imported into After Effects via PSD Import plugin (Workaround for V-Ray 5 Bug)
  • Rendering animations using V-Ray GPU appends wrong frame number (Workaround for V-Ray 5 GPU bug)
  • V-Ray 5 VFB Display Correction option changes unintentional when saving (Workaround for V-Ray 5.0 bug)
  • VRayLightSelect channels missing in some combinations of render elements
  • Some render elements are not saved when BackToBeauty or LightMix elements are present in V-Ray 5
  • Advanced Options - some options are erroneously disabled when using V-Ray GPU
  • Object without a name causes crash on save when added to Separated Object output list

Read the psd-manager help file section Version History for new features and changes.


Reach out to the developer and other users at www.cebas.com/psdsupport (Discord) or send an email to support@cebas.com


Requires a psd-manager 5 perpetual license or a subscription license (any version). psd-manager licenses are floating network licenses. A single PC can host all licenses and serve them as needed. Best install Cebas Product Manager on a central (always on) PC such as a file server. 

You will find your psd-manager serial/license number in your account settings. Users in good standing can update immediately from their cebas product manager by checking for Updates.

More information about psd-manager 5 can be found at the product page