Real-Time Smoke & Fire for 3ds Max

finalFluid: Integrated GPU Solver for 3ds Max

Get one of the most advanced and fully integrated real-time fire & smoke GPU simulation systems for 3ds Max. Thanks to its deep integration, finalFluid leverages all of 3ds Max’ tools and workflow advantages. The times of excessive and complex import and export workflows are finally over! Everything happens right inside of 3ds Max, in real-time.
finalFluid is compatible with most 3ds Max tools including standard particle systems and renderers. In addition to the integrated toolset, advanced plug-in tools are supported, as well. In Specifically thinkingParticles, finalRender, tyFlow and vray are only some of the advanced plug-ins that perfectly integrate with finalFluid.
Major features are:
  • NVIDIA-GPU Accelerated Sparse Grid Solver
  • Real-time Workflow right inside of 3ds Max
  • Movie Quality Fire & Smoke VFX in Real-time
  • Standard Particle Support
  • Advanced 3rd Party Particle System Support
  • Internal and External Renderer Support via OpenVDB
  • Direct Volume Rendering™ with finalRender
Important: To learn more about the difference between the Public BETA and Commercial release, check the License & Specifications link to the left.

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finalFluid Release 1.0

The journey begins . . .
finalFluid is a NVIDIA - GPU only based dynamic Eulerian fluid simulation system, used to create advanced smoke and fire effects, leveraging a Sparse Voxel Grid within an unbounded simulation domain. finalFluid is different, its solver allocates simulation blocks in a dynamic way, so it uses only memory in active/resident regions of interest. By this, finalFluid removes a long-standing restriction of GPU fluid solvers - regular grids waste enormous amounts of memory in regions where nothing happens at all!
Minimum Requirements are:

  1. DX12 NVIDIA GPU and Windows 10
  2. Nvidia GTX Graphics card with a minimum of 4GB (better additional 8GB Card)
  3. 3ds Max 2023/2022/2021
  4. Enough hard-disk (better SSD) space to write gigabytes of simulation data caches.

GPU fluid simulation and rendering demands the latest NVIDIA drivers and modern GPU hardware.


  • 3ds Max 2025
  • 2024
  • 2023