thinkingParticles Release 7.3 (Subscription Drop 3)

ME-L - An Evolution Towards Early Natural Language VFX

Take your 3ds Max visual effects to the next level with thinkingParticles Release 7.3. This latest release builds on the success of thinkingParticles 7.2 and introduces an enhanced, more matured version of our Math Expression Language, ME-L.
ME-L has taken a quantum leap in complexity, preparing itself for the next revolution in AI-powered natural language models that can speed up VFX scene setup in the future. Despite its increased complexity, ME-L remains simple, fast, and efficient for visual effects scripting, making it accessible to everyone.

Futureproof: Natural-Language Model

With Subscription Drop 3, thinkingParticles has elevated ME-L to a level that is unmatched in the 3ds Max community. By exposing the core engine of thinkingParticles through a simple-to-understand and highly efficient scripting language, 3D VFX artists can easily learn it, enabling them to instantly benefit from its power and speed. In the future, advanced large-language AI models will be able to help 3D artists create even more powerful VFX in an even shorter amount of time. This unlocks a new level of productivity and creativity, empowering you to unleash your imagination and bring your ideas to life like never before.

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ME-L 7.3 - The Future is Now

ME-L 7.3 is a game-changer for the VFX industry. It has evolved from a simple math expression language to a full-blown scripting language, providing users with a wide range of possibilities for their VFX setups. Unlike other scripting languages, ME-L 7.3 is lightning-fast, with a real-time interpreter/compiler that can process every aspect of a VFX setup in a massively parallel way. With the power of ME-L 7.3, users can access every aspect of their VFX setups, from particles to dynamics, without any limitations. And with the ability to harness the power of multi-core processors, users can create VFX shots that were previously impossible to achieve. The potential for innovation and creativity is limitless.
While learning a new scripting language can be daunting, the rewards for mastering ME-L 7.3 are immense. The language is designed to be intuitive and efficient, without the painful shortcomings that can be found in other scripting languages. And with the upcoming advancements in large-scale language models, the future of VFX is looking brighter than ever.
ThinkingParticles is leading the way in the VFX industry with ME-L 7.3, providing you with the tools you need to push the boundaries of what's possible. The power is at your fingertips, and the future of VFX is now.


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