thinkingParticles Release 7.3 (Subscription Drop 4)

ME-L - Redefining VFX with Explosion Tool and Simplified Complexity

thinkingParticles Release 7.3 Service Pack 4, where powerful new features redefine the landscape of 3ds Max visual effects.
Building on the success of its predecessor, this latest release introduces a refined version of our Math Expression Language, ME-L, while unveiling groundbreaking tools that enhance both complexity and ease of use.

New thinkingParticles Systems: Effortless Explosions, Infinite Creativity

Dive into the future of visual effects creation with the all-new Explosion System. This pre-built tool streamlines the process of generating complex explosions, offering ready-made setups for Burst, Debris, Spike, Shock Wave, and more.
Fine-tune parameters with easy-to-use interfaces, empowering artists to effortlessly create a diverse range of explosion effects. The system emphasizes flexibility, allowing you to customize shock waves, debris, and condensation rings with unparalleled ease. Unleash your creativity without compromising speed.

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ME-L - The Future is Now

ME-L 7.3 continues to redefine the VFX landscape, now more robust and dynamic than ever in our latest thinkingParticles 7.3 Service Pack 4 (SP4) release.
It transforms from a simple math expression language into a comprehensive scripting powerhouse, offering users unparalleled possibilities for their VFX setups.

Lightning-Fast Scripting

ME-L 7.3 stands out as a game-changer with its lightning-fast real-time interpreter/compiler. Processing every aspect of a VFX setup in a massively parallel way, it empowers users to navigate through particles, dynamics, and more without constraints.
The potential for innovation and creativity becomes boundless.

Multi-Core Processing Power

Harness the full potential of multi-core processors with ME-L 7.3, unlocking the ability to create VFX shots that were previously considered impossible.
The efficiency and speed offered by ME-L 7.3 push the boundaries of what can be achieved, allowing users to elevate their VFX projects to new heights.


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