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Parameter Rollouts 

When you add a new operator to the Wire Setup View, all of its controls are displayed in one or more Rollouts within the lower right-hand side of the thinkingParticles dialog window. These Parameter Rollouts contain the various settings that can be used to manipulate your particles.

The Parameter Rollouts behave exactly like other 3ds Max Rollouts. They are context-sensitive menus that change based on the selection of an Operator or other node within the Wire Setup View or DynamicSet Tree View. If this menu seems to be cut off at the bottom of the thinkingParticles dialog window, scroll the menu up/down by using any of the standard mouse scroll options.

Be aware that many, if not all, of the parameters you set within these Rollouts can also be overridden by piping in values from other operators, rules or conditions. Check the Reference Guide for the Operator in question to see what parts can take Input Data Streams to dynamically control one or most aspects of it.


Where to go Next? 

This section was fairly simple to grasp in the broad scope that is thinkingParticles. Next you'll be introduced to one of the newest features (and most powerful) within the entire product - the new Rigid Body Dynamics and Simulation system.

While it is highly recommended that you go through the Introduction material in order, if you prefer you can click on any of the topics that interest you.


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