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cebas Announces: NanoVDB Challenge

Victoria B.C. April 5th, 2021 - cebas Visual Technology Inc. is excited to announce their very first Win a GPU Card Challenge, sponsored by NVIDIA. To celebrate cebas’ latest release of finalRender, entrants into the challenge have a chance to win a Quadro RTX-4000 graphics card, worth US$900.


RTX-4000 is the ideal hardware companion for finalRender to create photo real images in the least amount of time. Now, with full NanoVDB support, finalRender is able to add realistic volumetric effects to every rendering without any noticeable overhead. Clouds, Smoke, Fire and Dust no longer count as a rendering bottleneck. Visual Effects tools like thinkingParticles do also benefit from NanoVDB as it allows to visualize OpenVDB volume grids that can be easily created and manipulated by thinkingParticles.

NanoVDB Challenge
(Click the Image to open the Contest Page)

How does the Challenge work?

Contestants have to guess the amount of NanoVDB Points (Virtual Sand Grains) in the jar. The winner will be picked either based on the closest guess or by guessing the exact amount of sand grains. In case of multiple correct guesses, the final winner will be picked by random. To enter the contest users need to visit the following webpage: NanoVDB Challenge

About NanoVDB

NanoVDB, originally developed at NVIDIA, is a new addition to ASWF’s OpenVDB project. It provides a simplified representation that is completely compatible with the core data structure of OpenVDB, with functionality to convert back-and-forth between the NanoVDB and the OpenVDB data structures, and create and visualize the data.
Thanks to NanoVDB's GPU acceleration, products like finalRender, can easily render multiple millions of points in near real time!