Revisiting Marco Lazzarini, a long-time user of finalRender and finalToon - and his endless passion for Art!

          Marco Lazzarini was born in Siracusa, a beautiful city in the south of Sicily (Italy), and now lives in Bergamo (near Milan). An accomplished 3d artist, Marco has more than 10 years of experience in the CGI sector. He specializes in modelling, texturing and lighting. Marco's 3d images have been published in: Books Exposè 1, Exposè2, Elemental 1, Elemental 3, D'Artist Character Modeling 1,  D'Artist Character Modeling 2, New Features Guide of 3dsmax6 magazines Computer Gazette, Computer Grafica, 3Dworld. Marco Lazzarini is dedicated to his work and is an accomplished traditional painter as well.

Cebas: Marco, how are you? I still remembered this memorable self-portrait you created of yourself in this lovely Roman architecture painting that was first posted on in 2015 when we first interviewed you! Five years hence, do give us an update - what’s been happening since with you? (see the 2015 interview )

Marco Lazzarini: Hello everyone! I have always been passionate from a young age of the visual arts, and for about 15 years now, I    have added to my passion for oil painting the magical beauty of 3d computer graphics. I specialized in the architectural field and I am particularly focused on lighting and materials. Oftentimes, I look for photo-realism but I also love to make NPR (finalToon) images. It's a pity that the latter are not in great demand by architects, at least here in Italy as you create so many unique styles with NPR images. If you are curious about my art, you are welcome to take a look at my website 

                                             finalRender 3D Image

  Adding finalToon lines styles


                                  finalRender 3D Image

Adding finalToon lines styles


Cebas: Tell us something about a current/recent project that you were really excited about. And how were you involved?

Marco: Generally, I feel enthusiastic about all the projects I get to participate in. All of them one way or another helps me to grow in CG or technical skills. Obviously, personal RnD explorational art always means something more for me, since I get to deal with every aspect, from the concept, design to the final style.

Cebas: Before the technical talk, Marco, tell us how you have balanced traditional oil painting as an artform with 3D art? 

Marco: As a young man I studied fine arts and in those years I learned many things about colour and the human perception of it. And I have the knowledge that I used before for my traditional paintings that have carried through into my 3D art. All my works (3D or oil paintings) must convey emotions to those who look at them - to being beautiful. 

demoreel2020 from Marco_Lazzarini on Vimeo.

Cebas: How many years have you been doing 3D art now? And is it mainly in architectural visualization? Do you intend to go into 3d modelling for films or games, etc?

Marco: I have been doing 3D art for about 15 years. Almost always for the architectural sector. Working for films or video games is my dream but I don't hide the fact that I would also like to work in the yacht sector.

Some of Marco Lazzarini's recent project architectural visualization:

Cebas: Please tell us how finalRender Drop 3 or 4 has helped you achieve the desired effects?

Over time I found all the features included in the versions of fR more or less useful for my works but I would like specifically to praise Drop 4. I was pleasantly surprised by the work of the guys from Cebas. Now fR returns the interior images without fireflies and in much less time! Obviously, it does this without sacrificing the excellent visual quality of previous versions.

Cebas: Can you tell us which drop features in finalRender that you have found to be really helpful?

Marco: Well, if I only have to choose one, my choice falls on the RTX in the recent Drop 4. I find the results particularly useful in very complex scenes. In my tests, you can create images 3 times faster! 

fR drop 4 environment fog rendering:

Playing with ActiveShare mode in fR-AreaLight

finalRender Drop 3 featuring the Random Walk Sub Surface Scattering

Cebas: Can you give us some insights about the architectural world where we believe is highly competitive in terms of winning contracts, how important are architectural design and visualization to clients?

Marco: What I can recommend to anyone wishing to enter the architectural visualization sector is to study a lot and practice a lot. There is a lot of competition out there and if you want to emerge from the masses, you have to know how to do fantastic jobs in a short time. And remember that the best advertisement is the customer's word of mouth.

Cebas: What would you say are the high points and what are the low points of working in design work for you?

Marco: The highest point is certainly when you deliver a good product and you realize that the customer is very satisfied with your work. On the other hand, if you want to work in the field of design you have to be ready to work in a very short time as well as taking into account the many changes to the project requested by the customer.

Cebas: In your view, what is your wish for cebas render software looking into the near future, that is not currently doing for you?

Marco: Every artist would like to have more tools than any software on the market can deliver. Personally in fR, I would like to have caustics from direct light.


Thank you, Marco, for giving cebas and community some of your

valuable time in this ReVisit Interview. 


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